Autumn Planting Bulbs – It’s Planting Time!

Late summer and autumn is the best time to plant bulbs that will flower in the spring. With our wide selection of top quality bulbs that are now available, you’ll be able to achieve a fantastic display this coming spring in your pots, containers, beds and borders.

If you are wanting to get creative this year and looking for a way to make a display that will be ongoing and ever-changing to last the whole of spring –  a bulb lasagne would be ideal! Take a pot of any size and begin planting your bulbs in layers, planting the largest and latest-to-flower at the bottom, moving up to the smallest and earliest in the top layer. It’s as easy as that! You’ve created your very own display that will be ever-changing and will flower all season long. Pop in to the nursery to grab your free guide.

Our Top Tip: If you are planting bulbs into autumn containers and, like us, are too impatient to wait until the spring for flowers, plant winter flowering pansies, violas or mini-cyclamen in the top. The bulbs will push through and flower in the spring!