Autumn Planting Bulbs

You may be hearing the term ‘bulb lasagne’ a lot now the Autumn is closing in.  Fear not; Mary Berry hasn’t gone mad – this lasagne definitely doesn’t need a bechamel sauce.

A bulb lasagne is a pot with bulbs planted in layers.  Plant the largest and latest-to-flower at the bottom, moving up to the smallest and earliest in the top layer.   The bottom bulbs will bend around any bulbs in their way and keep on growing to the top.  It’s a satisfying, creative, and enjoyable thing to plant, which will create an ongoing and ever-changing display to last the whole of Spring.  A bulb lasagne is perfect for a small spot as you can of course, use any size pot you wish.  If you’re anything like us, you’ll be impatient for Spring to come to see your bulbs emerge – but fear not; you can get instant colour by planting some pretty winter bedding on top; such as Cyclamen, Winter Pansies and Violas.

We have a large and varied selection of bulbs here at Blenheim, plus an example ‘lasagne’ for you to look at.  Please come in and see us – we even have a free step-by-step guide for you to take home.

  • We have lots of winter pansies in stock