Wild Bird Care

At Blenheim we stock a large range of wild bird care products, so you can enjoy the beauty of wild birds all year round with our leading wild bird care range. We have everything you need to bring your garden to life.

We offer an extensive range of quality bird seeds, seed mixes, treats, feeders and other bird care accessories. You can choose the right bird food, bird feeders and accessories for your needs.


Hints and Tips to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Put out different foods to attract different birds

The wild birds that visit your garden will depend on the type of food that you put out for them. Our wild bird care range has lots of feeds and treats designed to attract an equally wide variety of species to your garden.

Always use the right feeder

Our range of feeders is as varied as our feeds. So if you are putting out peanuts, choose a proper peanut feeder, or use a seed feeder for one of our many seed mixes. Those looking for something more ornate will love our lantern feeders, while squirrels are a problem in your garden, make sure you go for a tough, durable, squirrel proof design.

Positioning Feeders

Feeders should be positioned out of reach of predators such as cats. To help you do this we offer a wide choice of feeder hooks, hangers, brackets and stands.

When choosing a site in your garden for a feeder, be aware that some birds do not like feeding in areas that are too open and remember to put your feeder where you can see it and enjoy the birds it attracts.

Why fresh water is vital

As well as regularly putting food out, it is vital that fresh water is available at all times as all birds need water for both drinking and bathing.

To keep warm, birds need to keep their feathers really clean so ensure water supplies do not freeze up during winter months.

Keeping things clean

To protect birds from infections and diseases make sure you regularly clean feeders and feeding areas with a mild detergent.

Clean up droppings, taking care to protect yourself by wearing gloves and washing hands afterwards. Also make sure all leftover food and food made wet by the rain is removed as this helps to prevent the build up of harmful bacteria.

Storing bird feed

Bird feeds are not fit for human consumption and may contain nuts or nut traces so it is important they are stored away from children and that those with nut allergies take care.

Proper storage of feed is also important to maintain freshness and prevent damage from vermin.