Pond Plants

Plants For Wildlife

No matter how big or small, any garden pond creates a haven for wildlife. We have a great array of pond plants, including oxygenating, floating, marginal and deep water plants that are ideal for attracting a wide variety of wildlife.

Not only will these plants attract wildlife, tall plants allow insects such as damselflies to crawl out, short and bushy plants create shelter, and frogs and toads will be happy if there is a moist area with cover at the side of the pond.

Water Lilies

The elegant flowers of lilies are on show from June to September and make a beautiful addition to any pond. Not only do they look spectacular, their leaves shade the water helping to keep it clear, reduce algae growth and provide shelter for fish.

Plants To Clear Water

To ensure strong plant growth and to keep water clear and your pond looking nice, having the right number of plants is essential to keeping a natural balance. We have a range of oxygenating plants which will remove nitrates, the food that is essential for algae to grow, from the pond.