Autumn Planting Bulbs

A must have in the garden are autumn planting bulbs. Start planting from now until end of autumn and see them come to life in the spring boasting beautiful blooms and providing a vibrant display of colour! They will come back year after year – a great investment for long term results.

We have a wide selection suitable for pots, containers, beds and borders, so you’ll be able to achieve a fantastic display no matter what your budget or space is.

The First Sign Of Spring…

You know spring is here when you see the first daffodil! The bigger, the bolder, the better – guaranteed to cheer everyone up. We have a great range of different varieties that are well worth having a look at.

A Classic Favourite…

Tulips look great in the garden, especially when packed into pots on the patio. Once they’ve finished flowering they can be planted into the border. Some varieties can be cut, bringing wonderful colour from the garden to inside the home.

Early Bloomers…

Crocuses are often small and delicate but are sure to provide striking colour. These bulbs are usually the first to come up after winter so are ideal if you want early spring colour in the garden.

TOP TIP For Instant Colour!

If you are planting bulbs into autumn containers and don’t want to wait until the spring for flowers, plant winter flowering pansies in the top. The bulbs will push through and flower in the spring!

Don’t Forget About These…

Hyacinths have a lovely fragrance and are really beautiful flowers.

Snowdrop flowers are some of the smallest and most delicate.

Alliums are great for adding height and impact to the border.