Colour Your Garden This Autumn

As summer blooms begin to fade, it’s now time to think about refreshing your hanging baskets and patio pots. Autumn and winter bedding and basket plants are the easiest way to cheer up your garden!


Pansies are some of the most beautiful bedding plants you can find around this time of year. They are a simple, easy and reliable way to add some colour to your garden this autumn. There are many different mixes and colours meaning there should definitely be something that appeals to you and will suit your outdoor space.

Our top tips to get the very best display:

  • Plant now through to early November
  • Best planted into containers such as hanging baskets, patio pots and window boxes, as well as in the border
  • Will thrive in full sun but also will grow well in partial shade


Looking similar to pansies are violas. Violas are slightly smaller in appearance but are much tougher in the winter, being able to tolerant much colder temperatures. They are a gorgeous little plant to include in your autumn and winter arrangements.

How to care for violas:

  • Make sure soil is moist, rich and well-drained
  • Plant in full sun or partial shade
  • Water regularly for better blooms
  • Deadhead often for longer lasting flowers

Mini Cyclamen

In standout shades of red, pink and white, mini cyclamen are sure to add a brilliant pop of colour to your garden! These plants flower long after many other plants have finished as they are half-hardy and are able to withstand many of the frosts during autumn and winter.

Where to plant mini cyclamen:

  • They prefer to be grown in partial shade
  • Likes to be in well-drained soil
  • Plant into patio pots, containers and hanging baskets

Hardy Plants

We have a vast range of hardy, evergreen plants ideal for planting into winter tubs, hanging baskets and patio containers. The attractive foliage will compliment your colourful bedding plants (such as pansies, violas and mini cyclamen) nicely when planted alongside, creating a really great display.

If you haven’t got the time to plant up your own this year we have plenty of stunning, freshly made arrangements ready for you to take home and put into your garden. Planted containers also make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.